RASHID & ROSETTA is presented in collaboration with two Montreal-based artist-run centres, both widely recognized in the field of new media and digital arts: STUDIO XX and OBORO.

Studio XX Studio XX is a bilingual feminist digital art centre for technological exploration, creation and critique. Founded in Montreal in 1996, XX highlights the territories, perspectives and creative actions of women in cyberspace and aims to demystify and deconstruct digital technologies by critically examining their social and cultural aspects.

Studio XX is committed to establishing women's access to technology by providing training and instruction with a strong focus on free and open source software. By facilitating the creation and promotion of digital art, the Studio works to ensure that women are a defining presence in cyberspace. Studio XX comprises the Matricules archive, the XX Files radio show, .dpi magazine, HTMlles festival, Femmes br@nchées salons, artist residencies, workshops and special projects.

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OBORO Founded with the conviction that living transcultural artistic experiences contribute to the betterment of humankind, OBORO is an artist centre that favours the development of art practices locally, nationally and internationally. OBORO’s sphere of activity encompasses visual and media arts, performing arts, new technologies and emerging practices.

OBORO’s more specific mandate is to support creation in various cultural practices; to encourage innovation, experimentation, the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge; OBORO's objective is to promote awareness and dialog within the art world and society at large and to contribute to a culture of peace.

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